Reign of Tonir

Through the Gate + Heroes' Weapons

The group fought a shield archon to enter the gate. Once there, the group made multiple attempts to enter through a second gate until, finally, they all succeeded at their tasks and could enter.

Inside the second gate was a series of interconnected hallways and rooms. In each room, there was one weapon: a silver bow/arrows with woodland motif carvings, a black and white sword, an over-sized spear, a silver chakram with gold triangles, a wood axe, and spiked war hammer.

In the center room, the group fought a monk.

Lastly, the group entered a room with two cubes, one inside the other. The cubes are wrapped in a series of chains. One of the chains is interlinked white and black. Another is petrified wood. The one on the floor is the only one that looks like a normal chain. One of the higher ones has woodland motifs on it. Another is made of gold with black triangles. The last chain has human hands grasping each other for links.

Sketch of stuff

After dealing with the Beothuk-run concentration camp, the group went down to Port-town, where they ran into Caoilainn’s brother, Se. Se gave them breathing and the went down to the last CC. They got out with Slaari, who is super-gay. And has gills. They then decided to hit up the castle and heard a riddle, and figured out to punch the punchers to stop them from punching. Left after almost being eaten by a hydra, did war at Gondor. Got beefy, went back to castle, went to the right, killed some dead things, found treasure+hydra, did battle, won.

Enter the Lion's Den

The group stashed their equipment far from the path of passing patrols and set out toward the mesa as a Legion patrol with two prisoners. Convincing the Beothuk to lower the elevator was an easy task, and Balin received directions to take the prisoners to Camp Three. Exploring the city, the group discovered that there were five prisons scattered about.

Professing to be a rookie, Balin managed to find the correct camp, only to be turned away at the gate because he lacked the proper paperwork. So the group trudged to the Main Office to get the forms from the Head Clerk. Although Balin was convinced they would be caught because he wouldn’t be able to read and fill out the forms, the Head Clerk couldn’t have cared less what he did and Taven and Uncas filled out the forms instead.

Armed with the proper forms, the group again headed to Camp Three. Everyone was let in, except Balin, who learned that his companions would spend a week in solitary confinement before being allowed to mingle with the other prisoners. With no way to warn his friends, and figuring they would discover the news soon enough themselves, Balin slipped out of the camp to spend the week outside the city to watch over the equipment and craft a new bow.

After spending their time in solitary confinement, Taven, Uncas, Wernia, Cyrus, Rus, and Yer were released into a small compound with other prisoners and their Beothuk guards waiting to be moved to their permanent prison assignments. Within the compound, Uncas was shocked to see his father and two brothers, but upon closer inspection discovered they were impersonators.

When the group was released to move to Camp Five, Balin was waiting to meet them. Uncas was not going to be satisfied until he found out what the story was behind the impersonators, so Balin agreed to infiltrate the barracks while the rest went to the next Camp. Yer and Wernia refused to go into another prison so the plan was modified.

An alarm was sounded just as it was decided that everyone would escort Wernia and Yer out of the city while Balin went to the barracks. The group split up and Balin followed the other Legion clerics to the barracks. Too late, he realized that the alarm was the signal for role call. He found his spot in a squad just as the Bishop and Commander started down the lines. Balin tried to give himself an excuse for not calling out in role by coughing and clearing his throat, but the man behind him placed a healing spell on him.

Fortunately, just in time for his turn in line, Balin’s squad mates referred to him by the woman’s name. Balin quickly left after role and approached another squad to investigate Uncas’ family. He learned that the Legion had been informed that their group was headed toward the mesa and had set up the imposters to trap them. The good news was that Uncas’ real father and brothers were being held in the high security prison underneath the city.

Deciding the take the initiative, Balin went back to the Main Office and convinced the Head Clerk to give him clearance to get into the high security prison before finding the rest of his group. They decided it was safer to go in a smaller group, so Balin, Uncas, and Cyrus went into the prison while Taven and Rus stayed near the front door in case they were needed. Balin managed to talk his way past the guard at the door and the Colonel, but Uncas attacked and the three quickly killed the Colonel. They quickly took out the other two guards and released Uncas’ family.

After a quick disguise swap, Cyrus led the group out as the Colonel. All of them made it to the elevator before they were found out. Uncas’ father was forced to control a crash landing on the elevator before scaling the mesa walls himself. The group were being quickly overrun by their Beothuk pursuers when Moris appeared in front of them and urged them to hide in a hole he created.

Strange Encounters

Meet centaurs, given one re-filling bottle of healing potion.

Continue on to the next camp, which is part of a city atop a large mesa. Only one elevator system up the mesa, with hourly patrols roaming the perimeter.

The group decides the best way to get in is to ambush a patrol and disguise themselves as Legionaires.

The first patrol that comes by is a female cleric with four Beothuk warriors. Balin ambushes the group. Everyone takes heavy damage. Balin would have been killed from a crushing blow from a Earth Breaker, but broke the Centaur’s bottle and absorbed enough potion to survive.

The group patches each other up and get into their disguises. Uncas, Rus, Taven, and Cyrus put on the Beothuk armor, while Balin puts on the Legion robes and tries his best to impersonate a woman. Wernia and Yer will be taken in as “prisoners” and will spread the word of the rebellion to the actual prisoners inside the camp.

Fungi Forest

Fights 4 lions.

Fights 3 harpies, centaurs show up.

Continue. See a Violet Fungi forest in their way, go to skirt around it.

Make camp, fungi approach.

Climb up a mesa to camp. Wake up to find the forest surrounding the mesa. Climb down and run through the whipping plants. The poison weakens and causes decay where struck.

Taven sprints through the forest, with Uncas not far behind. Wernia, used to the running desert elves do for transportation also gets through swiftly.

Balin, weighed down by the pelts of lions he skinned earlier, abandons his pack as he nears death, and barely makes it out.

Cyrus and Yer, being heavily armored and a dwarf, respectively, take the longest to get through, but manage to recover Balin’s pack.

They get away from the forest and rest for a week.

Learning they were camping for a while, Yer starts dismantling his adamantine armor and removes the spikes from his shield. He then takes the pieces and sets up a sort of furnace and a table, with the de-spiked shield on top.

He then turns to Cyrus and says, “Well, boy, since we have some time, let’s get to work.”

That’s when it dawns on everyone. Yer’s armor doubled as a smelting furnace and anvil, and his maul-axe worked as a black-smithing hammer.


Balin dreams of the graveyard. Only two people walk in: one with a bag, the other in chains who looks to be native. They are then stopped by the undead. The one with a bag places it on the ground and opens it. They then let the two through.

Taven dreams of a living tree. The sun has obviously just come up. There is a hole in the ground near the tree, with the mysterious man tied to the trunk directly above the hole.

Cyrus dreams of a dead tree. A lifeless body hanging loosely around the trunk; the hole in the ground appears to be unearthed. The sun is out, and everything is bright. (It’s midday). Uncas appears, telling him he must be the one…

Dances With Skeletons

Early the next morning, the group pooled their collective knowledge together to figure out a way to bring Uncas back. The only thing they could think of that might be helpful was that somewhere nearby was an Ukitaken graveyard and that in the past, the Beothuk and Ukitake were one tribe. The adventures decided to approach the Beothuk village to ask for directions.

Understandably, they were attacked immediately.

They retreated and decided to disguise themselves as Beothuk warriors and captives. Taven, Balin, and Wernia grabbed some Beothuk armor from the pile of bodies at the base of the other mesas and returned leading Cyrus, Yer, and Rus.

The disguises worked, and a platform was lowered. The group got on and the platform started to rise. When they reached the top, the group realized that this village didn’t speak Common. As the Beothuk villagers started recognize the rouse, Taven tossed Cyrus his axe and they dropped the ropes around the “captives”.

Just when it looked as though they were going to have to fight their way out of an angry mob, a loud voice plowed through the angry rumblings. The villagers parted to give room for an older, but still physically impressive Beothuk man adorned n ceremonial gear to approach.

He introduced himself as the leader of the village and asked why they had come, clad in the armor of their fallen warriors.

Taven explained that they were looking for a way to bury their fallen comrade, which Cyrus was showing everyone, as though dead bodies were the universal greeting. The leader directed them to the ancient burial grounds three days to the west, and bade them to leave his village before his patience wore out. The group quickly got out of the armor and left for the graveyard.

Just as the leader had said, the group found the graveyard after three days. They rushed in, eager to discover how to resurrect their comrade. As soon as they entered the graveyard, Ukitaken skeletons swarmed the group. Wernia was killed while Rus and Balin took heavy damage and the group was forced to retreat, leaving Wernia’s body behind.

Death of a Warrior
Beothuk, Rust Monsters, and Otyugs, oh my!

Shortly after waking, the group felt some tremors from the ground, and then strange creatures burrowed up from the ground. They looked like a lobster and an ant got drunk one night and this was their love-child.

The creatures approached, and, with their fuzzy antennae, started to rust the group’s equipment. Cyrus started to panic as his sole protection, his shield and armor, started to decay. There were far too many of the creatures for their equipment to survive.

But, shortly after the strange creatures appeared and started attacking, a group of five oddly-armored people seemed to fall from the sky. They rushed in to attack the monsters, but their martial arts seemed to have no affect on the creatures.

And that’s when four Beothuk showed up.

Now there was a strange battle, where our heros fought the rust monsters, along with the new strangers and the four Beothuk. Balin was immobilizing as many of the monsters as possible, while Rus charged in and was swinging his “Sheila” with wild abandon. Yer was using his usual defensive tactics, but was worried for his very expensive equipment. Taven, having no metal equipment other than the adamantine in his hands, set about getting rid of the menace. Cyrus, as he had feared, ended up losing his shield, but fought on.

Then the brightly-clad strangers did something weird. They shouted in unison and jumped up into a large, mechanical device. Like the idiots they clearly were.

The rust monsters swarmed, and the large machine was shortly a pile of rust with the idiots lying face-down in it, twitching. Cyrus used the oppurtunity of all the creatures gathered together, and near the Beothuk, to trap the whole lot of them.

Once the stunned strangers got their sense together, they rushed one of the Beothuks. And were promptly knocked off of the mesa to their doom.

Uncas advanced on the lone rust monster who had been stuck from before. And managed to lose both his falcata and his mace. He decided to pick up one of the downed Beothuks’ weapon.

Rus, Taven, Wernia, Yer, and Cyrus all decided to start killing their way through the stuck monsters to the Beothuk. Most of the monsters were handled by time they reached the barbarian warriors.

Then Uncas joined the fight. And the warrior he was facing swung his earth-breaker straight at Uncas’ midsection. It connected, and the area between Uncas’ shoulders and his hips seemed to explode gobs of blood and pieces of organs and shards of bone.


Cyrus, Uncas, Rus, and Balin took watch. Although each watch saw Beothuk sentries approach, they each perceived the camp as a dense patch of thorny scrub brush due to Balin’s spell and avoided the camp. Except for one. The last sentry of the night approached the camp on Balin’s watch, and was a little more clever than most. When Balin decided the Beothuk was getting too curious about the bushes, he shot him, and the group quickly dispatched the sentry. His shout drew the attention of two other warriors, and after a quick debate, the group dragged the sentry’s body into the radius of the spell and held their breaths. The two warriors approached, but saw nothing unusual and moved on in search of their fellow warrior.

Deciding it was late enough in the morning anyway, the group started packing up camp. Balin got everyone healed as best he could. The group set out towards a large mesa they saw in the distance.

As they approached, they could see that there was a fence around the edge of the mesa. When they reached the base, Balin saw that there were three main trails leading to and from the mesa, but no signs of a way up the steep sides. Uncas told the group that his enemies made their homes at the top of the mesas and used a rope elevator to reach their home. Taven decided to scale the wall himself, and try to lower an elevator down to the rest of the group.

He hadn’t gotten very far when the Beothuk above began hurling large boulders off the mesa top at them. The group retreated out of the range of the boulders. When they saw an elevator full of twenty warriors (or “at least three” by Rus’ count) descending, the group decided a speedy retreat was the best option. Balin stayed at the foot of the cliff and tried to break the rope with his arrows, but without any spells left he was unable to hit the rope. He quickly caught up with the armored fighters and stayed with them when Cyrus had to slow.

Taven, Uncas, and Wernia didn’t stop and kept running without looking back until they reached a smaller mesa. They quickly scaled the walls and began gathering rocks and other items to throw at their pursuers. Cyrus, Yer, Rus and Balin made it to the mesa shortly afterward. As the three armored fighters began their slow ascent, Balin stayed at the foot of the cliff to hold off the Beothuk warriors. He managed to wound a handful, and buy enough time for everyone to make it to the top before the Beothuk reached the mesa.

The group hurled rocks, arrows and broke off chucks of the mesa’s edge to knock the Beothuk from the walls. Eventually, all twenty of the Beothuk warriors were dead at the bottom of the cliff. Exhausted and relieved that they escaped unscathed, the group set up camp atop the mesa.

Exiting the Desert

The group trekked northward for four days before they began to see more vegetation and less sand. On the fifth day, Wernia returned from scouting ahead and told the group that people were approaching. After using his Eagle Eye spell, Balin determined that the approaching group were Beothuk and prisoners.

Uncas charged in and attacked, and the group made fairly short work of the Beothuk warriors. While Uncas scalped the fallen warriors, the group was approached by a large man carrying a larger axe. After a short scuffle between the stranger, Russ, and Cyrus over the size of their axes (which was quickly broken up by Taven and Uncas), Russ explained that he had been a prisoner of the Beothuk. He had broke free during the fight and incapacitated his guards and freed the rest of the captives.

The group decided to torture the surviving Beothuk in order to gather more information regarding the Legion and the camp whereabouts. After getting nothing out of them and finding nothing of use in the camp, the group tied up their prisoners and set off again.

Shortly afterward, the group was attacked by five Beothuk. The Beothuk were defeated, but the group sustained heavy damage, and Wernia and Taven were critically wounded. The group made camp for the night and nursed their wounds.


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