Reign of Tonir

A Plan Hatches

The morning after rescuing Cyrus, the group sees Cain.

Cain tells them of a magical fountain. So they follow his cart-tracks.

On their way to the fountain, the get attacked by donkey rats.

They find the narrow mountain pass and climb it up to the small forested valley. They walked through the trees to the fountain. Which was more of a pond.

Across the pond was Moris conversing with an obviously agitated man. This man looked to be 40-ish, with sandy-brown hair, olive complexion, and medium build. Wore a lot of gold jewelry.

Man turned out to be Tirthe. Tirthe was upset because A) Moris wouldn’t tell him where Ssearth was or if he knew the location of the third and B) because Moris wouldn’t go ahead and just kill Tonir.

Moris wouldn’t tell where the other two were because that’s their choice, and he won’t kill Tonir because he doesn’t want to fall back into old, power-hungry habits.

After Moris and Tirthe notice the group, Tirthe is interested in Balin and invites him to the Enclave, along with the others. The only catch is that they’d be severed from all outside contact. They decline, and when Tirthe starts pressing the case, Moris steps in, making it clear that he supported the decision.

Then Tirthe poofed away and they inquired Moris about the pond. He said that the pond did used to be a fountain and that it was one of two centers of magical activity and the water did have the ability to bond items to their owner. He further explained that this is what he had done at the leyline convergence with Balin’s armor and Uncas’ mace.

So they tried their luck:

Cyrus unceremoniously jumped in the pond, causing his armor to spontaneously heat and burn him before shrinking. Once the metal pressed against Cyrus’ body it stopped shrinking until the entire suit was tight against him. Then, as if relieved, the suit relaxed, restoring Cyrus’ mobility.

Uncas dipped in his mace, but Moris told him that his mace had already been awakened. So Uncas tried his falcata, which then started to glow brighter and brighter until the blinding light collapsed in on itself and imploded.

Taven went to put his shuriken in, but as soon as his knuckles entered the water, the metallic substance on his right hand started writhing and turned black. It grew out of his hand like a tumor. Then it shot back under his skin, with some of it traveling to the center of his back, and a small portion writhing under the thin skin of his knuckles. The portion that traveled to his back split up into three smaller segments. Two shot down to the tops of his feet and the other went over to Taven’s left knuckle.

Balin, seeing the other’s items reacting, dipped in his bow. Nothing happened. Tried with his dagger. And got it wet. Short sword? Nope. Ready to give up, he put in his quiver of arrows. And the quiver started glowing with a green light. The inside started to get criss-crossed with intense beams of green that the arrows posed no obstruction to. After quickly filling up the quiver with green light, it shot up out of the quiver like a green beacon.

All feel as if their specific items are more an extension of themselves.

Moris gets everybody to hold hands and teleports them 50 ft. Enters Tirthe’s secret office.

Tirthe complains that if he is to get anything done by this winter solstice than he needs to communicate with Ssearth. Moris looks thoughtful and then poofs away. And shows up a short while later with an angry Ssearth in tow. Apparently against his will.

Tirthe gets excited and starts badgering Ssearth with his plans. All of which hinge upon getting to the other center of magical activity. Which Tonir won’t let happen. And even if they got to it, the Legion would interfere. The Enclave could help with that, but they would be far outnumbered.

Moris suggests that the present party could activate the other center for them. Now it’s Tirthe’s turn to look thoughtful. He decides to test the group.

They poof to a small meadow surrounded by cliffs, with Ssearth, Tirthe, and Moris on a ledge overlooking the meadow.

Each character is in a corner of the meadow. Suddenly, donkey rats appear in the center. The group proceeds to dispatch them.

After, a giant Beothuk wearing plate armor appears. Taven sets about sundering his armor while Uncas beats at it and Cyrus tangles it in his razer-chain, with Balin firing from afar.

Then Jagang.

Deciding that the group had proven it worth, Tirthe turns to Ssearth and starts talking about incorporating the group into his plans. Saying that if Ssearth knew where the third one of their kind was, then they’d be assured victory. Ssearth isn’t convinced, saying that’s there’s been no evidence that Tonir is weakened far enough to confront.

Then a Cyclops pops in.

Tirthe points out that this is proof enough; the barrier is weakening.

That’s when Taven asks if Charir is the third.

Enter Charir. Tirthe mentions that now procreation is possible and they can weaken Tonir faster. This pisses off Ssearth and scares Charir. Long story shorter, they put that on hold and send the group to stir up some concentration camps on the solstice.



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