Reign of Tonir

Around It Is

Deciding that those paths were fruitless to attempt again, the group traveled North, along the mountains, for Davaik told them there was another mountain pass where the monastery he trained at was.

So they once again lived of the land for a few days until they reached the path Davaik told them of. They reached the monastery and knocked on the back gate. No answer.

So they went around to the front gate and knocked. Still no answer. So they broke through and found the monastery overgrown with bushes and completely abandoned.

They started traveling to the main building when one of the plants shot thorns at them. All of the bushes turned out to be archer bushes.

After dispatching the bushes, they explored and didn’t find a hint of Davaik’s monk brothers and sisters. Nor of the head monk.

After seeing there wasn’t anything they could do here, they continued. Through the rest of the pass and down south-easterly, for that is where Moris, Ssearth’s contact, was supposed to be.



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