Reign of Tonir

Cyrus Is Missing

The group awakes to find Cyrus, the last on guard-duty for the night, to be gone. Balin and Uncas search for any signs of their armored friend and find tracks leading away from the camp to the south-south-east

Following the trail, Balin, Uncas, and Taven see three bug-bears carrying an unconscious Cyrus like so many potatoes. Balin notches an arrow and fires into the opposition. The arrow sinks home, directly into Cryus’ left shoulder, alerting the bug-bears to the presence of the heroes.

Dropping Cyrus on helmed head, the bug-bears turn and laugh at the paltry attack laid against them. Uncas and Taven reach the battle first and rush into the attack to defend their captive comrade.

The battle is over before it can begin as Uncas is cut down almost immediately, followed by Taven retreating in pain and shock. The bug-bears spit on the ground the massacre occurred on, as if marking their territory. With raucous laughter they heave their captive onto their shoulders and continue their march SSE.

When Balin come across the defeated Uncas and injured Taven, an agreement is reached to make camp and heal, so as to better prepare to retrieve Cyrus and rescue him from a certain dinner appointment.



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