Reign of Tonir

Dances With Skeletons

Early the next morning, the group pooled their collective knowledge together to figure out a way to bring Uncas back. The only thing they could think of that might be helpful was that somewhere nearby was an Ukitaken graveyard and that in the past, the Beothuk and Ukitake were one tribe. The adventures decided to approach the Beothuk village to ask for directions.

Understandably, they were attacked immediately.

They retreated and decided to disguise themselves as Beothuk warriors and captives. Taven, Balin, and Wernia grabbed some Beothuk armor from the pile of bodies at the base of the other mesas and returned leading Cyrus, Yer, and Rus.

The disguises worked, and a platform was lowered. The group got on and the platform started to rise. When they reached the top, the group realized that this village didn’t speak Common. As the Beothuk villagers started recognize the rouse, Taven tossed Cyrus his axe and they dropped the ropes around the “captives”.

Just when it looked as though they were going to have to fight their way out of an angry mob, a loud voice plowed through the angry rumblings. The villagers parted to give room for an older, but still physically impressive Beothuk man adorned n ceremonial gear to approach.

He introduced himself as the leader of the village and asked why they had come, clad in the armor of their fallen warriors.

Taven explained that they were looking for a way to bury their fallen comrade, which Cyrus was showing everyone, as though dead bodies were the universal greeting. The leader directed them to the ancient burial grounds three days to the west, and bade them to leave his village before his patience wore out. The group quickly got out of the armor and left for the graveyard.

Just as the leader had said, the group found the graveyard after three days. They rushed in, eager to discover how to resurrect their comrade. As soon as they entered the graveyard, Ukitaken skeletons swarmed the group. Wernia was killed while Rus and Balin took heavy damage and the group was forced to retreat, leaving Wernia’s body behind.



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