Reign of Tonir

Death of a Warrior

Beothuk, Rust Monsters, and Otyugs, oh my!

Shortly after waking, the group felt some tremors from the ground, and then strange creatures burrowed up from the ground. They looked like a lobster and an ant got drunk one night and this was their love-child.

The creatures approached, and, with their fuzzy antennae, started to rust the group’s equipment. Cyrus started to panic as his sole protection, his shield and armor, started to decay. There were far too many of the creatures for their equipment to survive.

But, shortly after the strange creatures appeared and started attacking, a group of five oddly-armored people seemed to fall from the sky. They rushed in to attack the monsters, but their martial arts seemed to have no affect on the creatures.

And that’s when four Beothuk showed up.

Now there was a strange battle, where our heros fought the rust monsters, along with the new strangers and the four Beothuk. Balin was immobilizing as many of the monsters as possible, while Rus charged in and was swinging his “Sheila” with wild abandon. Yer was using his usual defensive tactics, but was worried for his very expensive equipment. Taven, having no metal equipment other than the adamantine in his hands, set about getting rid of the menace. Cyrus, as he had feared, ended up losing his shield, but fought on.

Then the brightly-clad strangers did something weird. They shouted in unison and jumped up into a large, mechanical device. Like the idiots they clearly were.

The rust monsters swarmed, and the large machine was shortly a pile of rust with the idiots lying face-down in it, twitching. Cyrus used the oppurtunity of all the creatures gathered together, and near the Beothuk, to trap the whole lot of them.

Once the stunned strangers got their sense together, they rushed one of the Beothuks. And were promptly knocked off of the mesa to their doom.

Uncas advanced on the lone rust monster who had been stuck from before. And managed to lose both his falcata and his mace. He decided to pick up one of the downed Beothuks’ weapon.

Rus, Taven, Wernia, Yer, and Cyrus all decided to start killing their way through the stuck monsters to the Beothuk. Most of the monsters were handled by time they reached the barbarian warriors.

Then Uncas joined the fight. And the warrior he was facing swung his earth-breaker straight at Uncas’ midsection. It connected, and the area between Uncas’ shoulders and his hips seemed to explode gobs of blood and pieces of organs and shards of bone.



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