Reign of Tonir


The group rested during the day and traveled into the desert at night, as to avoid the scorching heat during the day. They traveled until the sun rose with no incidences. Balin had first watch. And within a half-hour, a Cinder Wolf topped the dune they were resting behind. As the group woke up to fight it, another appeared.

They learned quickly that touching the wolves’ flesh caused minor burns.

After they had put the wolves down, they skinned the beasts and Cyrus used the hides to line Uncas’ and Cyrus’ armors, as they had heard the hide was a good insulator from the heat.

They then went back to sleep. And shortly after, rattlesnakes started burrowing out from under the dune. Not wanting to wake his companions, Balin decided to deal with the snakes himself. But he was shortly riddled with the venomous snake bites and the fighting had woken up the others.

The group got rid of the snakes but Balin had fallen into a coma from all the venom.

Again, they tried to sleep. This time to be woken by Uncas, who was on watch, and there was a small flame, much like the one who had disappeared with the statue a few nights ago, approaching. In an attempt to ascertain the actual size of the creature Cyrus blew sand at it. When the sand didn’t reach it, he tossed a handful on the flame.

Which aggravated it. It started to roar and grow, coiling out to a serpentine creature composed of flame.

Taven grabbed the unconscious Balin’s short sword as to not have to touch the flame with his bare fist, and the group set about killing the flaming creature.

Deciding that they weren’t getting any sleep anyways, the group decided to travel on, dragging Balin behind them in the tent.

They were traveling slowly as Uncas directed them to rest in shade for a few moments whenever there was an opportunity. This gave some respite from the oppressing heat, but it was wearing Cyrus down.

After traveling for a few hours, they came across a large bush. Similar to the ones they’d seen before, but at least 20 feet across in all directions. And they noticed humanoid shadows moving about in it.

Taven decided to approach and converse, and was met with a “Halt!” He stopped.
“Go around,” the voice within the bush demanded. Taven told them he wished for help. And was met with an arrow in his shoulder.

Deciding there wasn’t anything to be gained by standing around being shot, Taven turn around and returned to the group, which then decided that AROUND the bush seemed like a good idea.

They spent the rest of the day avoiding creatures as they traveled.

Then, as the sun started to set, they saw Cinder Wolves and some of the serpentine flame creatures approaching them. About 20 creatures, from all directions.

Despite the despair in their hearts, they prepared for their last battle. The Cinder Wolves and flame creatures started to charge.

100 ft. 70 ft. 50 ft. The group gripped the weapons with their desert-parched hands. 40 ft. 30 ft. 20. As the sun finally set, it seemed to flash, and with it, all the creatures flashed, blinding the group.

After the flash dissipated, the group looked around. There wasn’t a single creature to be seen.



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