Reign of Tonir

Desert CC

The next morning, Balin awoke and was able to travel unassisted. The group trekked onward, avoiding encounters with cinder wolves and the like. Until, that is, Taven, Balin, and Cyrus crashed into each other in an attempt to slip away from an oncoming group of cinder wolves. The group managed to fight them off, but during the battle Uncas fell and was dragged away by a wolf. Balin tracked the wolf, and led the others to the site where the wolf had been killed by Elven arrows. The three remaining members of the group searched the area, but were unable to find any tracks leading away from the site, and were eventually forced to continue on their journey without Uncas. Unknown to the three, Uncas had been rescued by a Desert Elf, Wernia.

The three traveled on for a few hours, before a sandstorm forced them to take shelter against a dune. During the storm, a fire elemental approached and would have been blown directly into the group, but they managed to shift along the dune and get out of the way.
When the storm passed, the three decided to spend the rest of the day recovering from their earlier battle. Much to their surprise, after a few hours Uncas and Wernia walked into the camp. Before they were done welcoming Uncas back, Wernia had disappeared.

In the morning, Balin used the majority of his days’ worth of spells to heal his companions, although he was very cranky about it. The group continued toward the camp and in the afternoon came across two dwarf-like creatures, with hair of flame. The group immediately attacked the pair, and critically wounded one before the other tried to talk to them. Balin cautiously healed the fallen azer as a peace offering, burning his hand in the process. They discovered that the azers came from a different place, and had been going about their daily lives when suddenly they found themselves in the desert. The two groups parted and continued on their way.

After ten days, the group finally spotted the concentration camp. It was a large, smoky-glass dome in the middle of a flattened area. Taven and Balin waited until nightfall to approach, but spotted no guards of any kind. Taven quickly wrote a note to the prisoners, asking for them to rise up on the winter solstice. When he pressed the note to the dome, his hand sunk in and he was held steadfast. Balin brought Uncas and Cyrus to help Taven, but eventually they decided the only way to get him out was for Taven to continue through the dome and to try to find some way out from within.

Inside, Taven met Yer, an old dwarf, who told him more about the prison and when the Legion was next expected to come through the tunnel in the center of the camp. When Taven relayed the information to the rest of the party outside the dome, they decided to enter the dome as well and ambush the Legion the next day and escape through the tunnel. When Balin touched the dome, it turned blue. Sitarmi had to be left outside the dome because he couldn’t pass through it. Inside, Balin tried to contact Ssearth and the magic turned the dome bright red.



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