Reign of Tonir

Eastward Ho!

So, given that they had to go to three different concentration camps, the group decided to start with the one to the east, in the desert. On the way there, they crossed a shallow stream. That happened to have a school of quipper (dark green, cold-water piranha) in it. The school, once it had a taste of Balin’s (the first to enter) blood, started frenzing, so the group decided to cross as swiftly as possible.

They made it to the other side only to be attacked by uncommonly aggressive, odd-colored hawks. (Unknown to the group, these were blood-hawks, not regular ones.)

But they finely made it to the little shanty town in the mountain pass between them and the desert. They traded their blood-hawks and the remaining coppers in their pockets for one room, which they shared.

Balin was going to camp outdoors, but the innkeeper mentioned there had been disappearances lately, and that might not be such a good idea. So he knocked on the room door, which was answered by Taven, as the others were already sleeping.



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