Reign of Tonir

Enter the Lion's Den

The group stashed their equipment far from the path of passing patrols and set out toward the mesa as a Legion patrol with two prisoners. Convincing the Beothuk to lower the elevator was an easy task, and Balin received directions to take the prisoners to Camp Three. Exploring the city, the group discovered that there were five prisons scattered about.

Professing to be a rookie, Balin managed to find the correct camp, only to be turned away at the gate because he lacked the proper paperwork. So the group trudged to the Main Office to get the forms from the Head Clerk. Although Balin was convinced they would be caught because he wouldn’t be able to read and fill out the forms, the Head Clerk couldn’t have cared less what he did and Taven and Uncas filled out the forms instead.

Armed with the proper forms, the group again headed to Camp Three. Everyone was let in, except Balin, who learned that his companions would spend a week in solitary confinement before being allowed to mingle with the other prisoners. With no way to warn his friends, and figuring they would discover the news soon enough themselves, Balin slipped out of the camp to spend the week outside the city to watch over the equipment and craft a new bow.

After spending their time in solitary confinement, Taven, Uncas, Wernia, Cyrus, Rus, and Yer were released into a small compound with other prisoners and their Beothuk guards waiting to be moved to their permanent prison assignments. Within the compound, Uncas was shocked to see his father and two brothers, but upon closer inspection discovered they were impersonators.

When the group was released to move to Camp Five, Balin was waiting to meet them. Uncas was not going to be satisfied until he found out what the story was behind the impersonators, so Balin agreed to infiltrate the barracks while the rest went to the next Camp. Yer and Wernia refused to go into another prison so the plan was modified.

An alarm was sounded just as it was decided that everyone would escort Wernia and Yer out of the city while Balin went to the barracks. The group split up and Balin followed the other Legion clerics to the barracks. Too late, he realized that the alarm was the signal for role call. He found his spot in a squad just as the Bishop and Commander started down the lines. Balin tried to give himself an excuse for not calling out in role by coughing and clearing his throat, but the man behind him placed a healing spell on him.

Fortunately, just in time for his turn in line, Balin’s squad mates referred to him by the woman’s name. Balin quickly left after role and approached another squad to investigate Uncas’ family. He learned that the Legion had been informed that their group was headed toward the mesa and had set up the imposters to trap them. The good news was that Uncas’ real father and brothers were being held in the high security prison underneath the city.

Deciding the take the initiative, Balin went back to the Main Office and convinced the Head Clerk to give him clearance to get into the high security prison before finding the rest of his group. They decided it was safer to go in a smaller group, so Balin, Uncas, and Cyrus went into the prison while Taven and Rus stayed near the front door in case they were needed. Balin managed to talk his way past the guard at the door and the Colonel, but Uncas attacked and the three quickly killed the Colonel. They quickly took out the other two guards and released Uncas’ family.

After a quick disguise swap, Cyrus led the group out as the Colonel. All of them made it to the elevator before they were found out. Uncas’ father was forced to control a crash landing on the elevator before scaling the mesa walls himself. The group were being quickly overrun by their Beothuk pursuers when Moris appeared in front of them and urged them to hide in a hole he created.



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