Reign of Tonir

Exiting the Desert

The group trekked northward for four days before they began to see more vegetation and less sand. On the fifth day, Wernia returned from scouting ahead and told the group that people were approaching. After using his Eagle Eye spell, Balin determined that the approaching group were Beothuk and prisoners.

Uncas charged in and attacked, and the group made fairly short work of the Beothuk warriors. While Uncas scalped the fallen warriors, the group was approached by a large man carrying a larger axe. After a short scuffle between the stranger, Russ, and Cyrus over the size of their axes (which was quickly broken up by Taven and Uncas), Russ explained that he had been a prisoner of the Beothuk. He had broke free during the fight and incapacitated his guards and freed the rest of the captives.

The group decided to torture the surviving Beothuk in order to gather more information regarding the Legion and the camp whereabouts. After getting nothing out of them and finding nothing of use in the camp, the group tied up their prisoners and set off again.

Shortly afterward, the group was attacked by five Beothuk. The Beothuk were defeated, but the group sustained heavy damage, and Wernia and Taven were critically wounded. The group made camp for the night and nursed their wounds.



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