Reign of Tonir

Fungi Forest

Fights 4 lions.

Fights 3 harpies, centaurs show up.

Continue. See a Violet Fungi forest in their way, go to skirt around it.

Make camp, fungi approach.

Climb up a mesa to camp. Wake up to find the forest surrounding the mesa. Climb down and run through the whipping plants. The poison weakens and causes decay where struck.

Taven sprints through the forest, with Uncas not far behind. Wernia, used to the running desert elves do for transportation also gets through swiftly.

Balin, weighed down by the pelts of lions he skinned earlier, abandons his pack as he nears death, and barely makes it out.

Cyrus and Yer, being heavily armored and a dwarf, respectively, take the longest to get through, but manage to recover Balin’s pack.

They get away from the forest and rest for a week.

Learning they were camping for a while, Yer starts dismantling his adamantine armor and removes the spikes from his shield. He then takes the pieces and sets up a sort of furnace and a table, with the de-spiked shield on top.

He then turns to Cyrus and says, “Well, boy, since we have some time, let’s get to work.”

That’s when it dawns on everyone. Yer’s armor doubled as a smelting furnace and anvil, and his maul-axe worked as a black-smithing hammer.



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