Reign of Tonir

Gold Igloo

Balin woke in the middle of the night to find Sitarmi nudging his face. In the morning, Sitarmi and Fungo demonstrated how Sitarmi was able to get in – and more importantly, how he could get them out. Sitarmi rescued Yer, Taven, Cyrus, Uncas, and Balin before falling asleep in Balin’s backpack. The group decides to wait and see what the Legion will do to the prisoners because Balin used magic. The Legion arrive, on schedule, and begin screening all the prisoners and taking them out through the tunnel. Seeing that there is nothing more they can do, the group and Yer head north to the next concentration camp.

Shortly after starting out, the group sees Wernia fleeing a pair of pursuers. Balin managed to shoot one, but the three elves quickly outpace the group.

Continuing northward, the group soon comes across a golden igloo. By the door are the two elves who had been chasing Wernia, now riddled with arrows and dying. Balin and Taven stabilized them before heading inside the igloo.

The chamber was empty, except for an open trap door. They each climb down the ladder in turn, to find themselves completely alone in a room with two doors. On the wall opposite the ladder was a message: “Choose that which represents you.” Each went through the sequence of rooms in search of their companions, choosing one of two animal statues in each room: rhino/gorilla, owl/falcon, badger/tortoise, wolf/tiger, bear/moose, bat/penguin, frog/dolphin, and alligator/elephant. When they completed their choices, they each found their way into a new room, where they found an item waiting for them.

After taking the item, each hears a loud grinding. When they try to go back to the exit, they find themselves in a large arena, fighting the animals that they had just chosen. Their companions appear and disappear to fight each of the creatures. After all eight sets of animals were defeated, the group individually made their way out of the igloo.

The group reunited outside of the igloo and found Yer and Wernia worse for wear. Balin healed as many people as he could with his remaining spells before they all decided to make camp for the rest of the day and rest.



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