Reign of Tonir

Hmm. Maybe _Not_ The Front Door

The group climbs the cliffs around the cave, looking for an alternate entrance. To no avail. So they get to the top of the cliff and see smoke rising from the ground. The Bugbears’ chimneys.

They lower Balin down one to scout out. It’s dark. They all go down. They’re in an empty Bugbear room.

They sneak out and start exploring. They shortly find the main Bugbear common room (although it’s more of a large cavern than a room). Inside is an iron cage containing a multitude of people, including Cyrus, and two bugbears on the opposite side of the cavern.

Balin decides to try and distract and bait the Bugbears, running towards what he hopes is the exit.

It works, the two Bugbears follow him. But the commotion awoke another, who saw Taven and Uncas in the common room, heading towards the cage.

Uncas fights the Bugbear while Taven starts destroying the cage with his metal-imbued fists. And then Uncas walks over and taps the door off it’s hinges.

Meanwhile, Balin found the exit, and the two Bugbears at the entrance joined the chase, but Balin kept his lead and the Bugbears gave up, turned around and saw all their prisoners pouring out of their cave.

Uncas, Taven, and Cyrus used the rope they’d left at the chimney and climbed back up out.

They met up with Balin and the rendezvous point.



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