Reign of Tonir


Cyrus, Uncas, Rus, and Balin took watch. Although each watch saw Beothuk sentries approach, they each perceived the camp as a dense patch of thorny scrub brush due to Balin’s spell and avoided the camp. Except for one. The last sentry of the night approached the camp on Balin’s watch, and was a little more clever than most. When Balin decided the Beothuk was getting too curious about the bushes, he shot him, and the group quickly dispatched the sentry. His shout drew the attention of two other warriors, and after a quick debate, the group dragged the sentry’s body into the radius of the spell and held their breaths. The two warriors approached, but saw nothing unusual and moved on in search of their fellow warrior.

Deciding it was late enough in the morning anyway, the group started packing up camp. Balin got everyone healed as best he could. The group set out towards a large mesa they saw in the distance.

As they approached, they could see that there was a fence around the edge of the mesa. When they reached the base, Balin saw that there were three main trails leading to and from the mesa, but no signs of a way up the steep sides. Uncas told the group that his enemies made their homes at the top of the mesas and used a rope elevator to reach their home. Taven decided to scale the wall himself, and try to lower an elevator down to the rest of the group.

He hadn’t gotten very far when the Beothuk above began hurling large boulders off the mesa top at them. The group retreated out of the range of the boulders. When they saw an elevator full of twenty warriors (or “at least three” by Rus’ count) descending, the group decided a speedy retreat was the best option. Balin stayed at the foot of the cliff and tried to break the rope with his arrows, but without any spells left he was unable to hit the rope. He quickly caught up with the armored fighters and stayed with them when Cyrus had to slow.

Taven, Uncas, and Wernia didn’t stop and kept running without looking back until they reached a smaller mesa. They quickly scaled the walls and began gathering rocks and other items to throw at their pursuers. Cyrus, Yer, Rus and Balin made it to the mesa shortly afterward. As the three armored fighters began their slow ascent, Balin stayed at the foot of the cliff to hold off the Beothuk warriors. He managed to wound a handful, and buy enough time for everyone to make it to the top before the Beothuk reached the mesa.

The group hurled rocks, arrows and broke off chucks of the mesa’s edge to knock the Beothuk from the walls. Eventually, all twenty of the Beothuk warriors were dead at the bottom of the cliff. Exhausted and relieved that they escaped unscathed, the group set up camp atop the mesa.



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