Reign of Tonir


Introducing: Cyrus, a former caption in an army to the north; Davaik, a blind monk from the central kingdom of Edenia; Uncas, a native of the mid-northern plains; and Balin, a guide in the south-eastern forests.

So far, our band of misfits met at a crossroads next to a mountain path. Seeing signs of a large army approaching, they ducked into the mountain path to avoid confrontation. Continuing along it, they crossed a bridge, with a gate on the far side. As they passed through the gate, ogres appeared out of the gatehouses, preventing them from returning from where they came.

Davaik, the blind monk, said he had a contact in New Millie, the town that was further down the path. They followed the path east and then curving southernly and turning into a cobblestone path until they got to a small village with a plaza of cobblestones in the center. In the center of the plaza was a fountain with a large, winged reptile perched on the east side of the fountain shooting water at an armored knight in the center of the fountain, who had a shield raised to deflect the attack.

Around the square are several shops, with chiseled images above the doors, but no visible names. Along the east side, from north to south, there’s four shops with their signs being a wing, an eye, a scale, and a fang. On the north side the shop has a horseshoe and the south has a pot. On the west, from north to south, is an amulet, a tower shield, and a coat of arms flag. All shops are one story buildings, with the exception of the one with the shield sign, which is considerably larger and two stories.

Shortly after entering the square, the party ran into the dwarf Grofel, a local armor-smith who worked in the building with a scale chiseled above the door on the east side; and Barney, of Barney’s Baubles, the local jewelry store on the west side depicted by the amulet. They learned of Marv, the local merchant who carted goods back-and-forth between New Millie and Bushmeadows, an even smaller town further south in the mountains. But Marv hadn’t been back to deliver the gems from Bushmeadows, which is a mining town, to Barney. Barney was going to shape the gems for Grofel, who was making a ceremonial breastplate for Belair, his child who was having their first Scrootmuth (a dwarven coming-of-age tradition based on when the dwarf grows their first facial hair).

Ssearth, a local innkeeper (the inn being the larger building with a shield over the door), walked out of his inn just as Barney was complaining about outsiders causing more problems. Ssearth walked up to the small gathering and introduced himself, in his slow, methodical voice which has a tendency to draw out his S’s. He appeared about 30, and looked human, with the exception of his silvery hair.

Davaik, recognizing the name, asked to speak with Ssearth. And then a beautiful, raven-haired woman walked up, wearing clothing more suited for a banquet hall than a small, remote village. Sizing up the party of strangers, she introduced herself as the Lady Surana Urthadar, and inquired whether or not the party would be willing to help her with a problem.

The party agreed to hear what her problem was, and Lady Surana, as she asked them to address her, told them of her father’s recent death, and how she inherited the castle he had built in the remote mountains. She told them of how, by time she arrived to the castle, it was overrun by small, reptilian humanoids. Kobolds.



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