Reign of Tonir


Cyrus awoke, lying the darkness, being dripped on. There was a strange apparatus holding a hanging bag of liquid over his head, with the contents dripping slowly onto his face. He rolled off the bed, and realized he was in one of the castle bedrooms off one of the side halls. He wandered out into the hall and checked the next room. Empty. So he checked the last in that hall, and made out Uncas, lying under a contraption just like the one that was hanging over Cyrus.

Cyrus woke Uncas up and they ventured into the main hall, which was empty, even of the bodies of kobolds that had died there earlier. It was then that they realized that they had no idea how long they’d fallen unconscious. With a greater sense of urgency, they ventured into the west hall, and to their relief, Davaik was in the first room they checked, under the now familiar dripping device. After they awoke him, they checked the other rooms, with the last being brightly lit.

Their eyes slowly got accustomed to the brightness and they saw Balin. Also being dripped on. But under the source of the light was a gnome, who started poking each of them as if he didn’t believe they actually existed.

“It’s about time you woke up. Those potions I had were the strongest I make, and I was applying them transdermally, which, while slower than ingesting, is far more effective in the long run.”

The group looked at each other and then asked the gnome who he was.

“Pfft. You want to meet me now. Had days to meet me, but now that I heal you, now you want to know who I am.
I’m Shelly, the owner of the potion shop on the square. The one with a pot over it. You should already know that, but I guess you guys don’t need potions. You can fight all day without healing.”

Davaik apologized and the gnome’s mood immediately lightened and he started speaking rapidly:

“Oh, it’s ok! It’s a good thing Ssearth sent me after you guys. He seemed to think you guys were in trouble and could use some of my exquisite potions. Good guy, that Ssearth. Always looking out for everyone. Well, I closed shop early and brought along some potions and some of my knockout vapor. I’m not much when it comes to fighting, but if those kobolds got a whiff of that vapor, well, they’d be sleeping too hard to do much fighting. But it turns out that the only ones it knocked out was those two big fellows.” He gestured to Uncas and Cyrus.



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