Reign of Tonir

Strange Encounters

Meet centaurs, given one re-filling bottle of healing potion.

Continue on to the next camp, which is part of a city atop a large mesa. Only one elevator system up the mesa, with hourly patrols roaming the perimeter.

The group decides the best way to get in is to ambush a patrol and disguise themselves as Legionaires.

The first patrol that comes by is a female cleric with four Beothuk warriors. Balin ambushes the group. Everyone takes heavy damage. Balin would have been killed from a crushing blow from a Earth Breaker, but broke the Centaur’s bottle and absorbed enough potion to survive.

The group patches each other up and get into their disguises. Uncas, Rus, Taven, and Cyrus put on the Beothuk armor, while Balin puts on the Legion robes and tries his best to impersonate a woman. Wernia and Yer will be taken in as “prisoners” and will spread the word of the rebellion to the actual prisoners inside the camp.



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