Reign of Tonir

Through The Sewers

Awakening in Moris’ shop with the previous night’s exploits haunting them, Uncas and Cyrus decide to withhold the details of Emperor Jagang’s death and only tell Taven and Balin the last words and wishes of the fallen ruler. They head downstairs where Balin and Taven have just learned of Jagang’s death from Alissa. The pair of fighters hand Taven his father’s robes and tell him that it was his father’s wish that he have them. After a series of questions with unsatisfactory answers about his father’s death, Taven falls into a silent mourning.

The remaining three friends decide the best course of action is to attempt to place Taven on his throne. Their plan is to inform the citizen of Edenia that their true Emperor lives and to hold onto their hope. They then flee the city to regroup and plan a better strategy.

With the sewers as the best option for escape, the group makes their way through the underbelly of Edenia. In a tunnel, Taven hears the skritching of a small rodent behind them. Turning to asses the threat, a ferret greets him and climbs up his body to his shoulder, sniffing him. Satisfied, the ferret curls across Taven’s neck and falls asleep.

A pack of alligators (in the sewers? no way!) attack the group from the water. Totally unprepared for the battle, the adventurers are decimated by the reptiles until the sewer agitator scattered the cold-blooded creatures.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, a single legionnaire guard is more of an annoyance for the renewed party than a problem. He is quickly thrown off the wall of the city to his death.

The group continues down the wall-path and makes camp in the forest outside the palace mountain wall.
Group escapes through sewers. Fight alligators, which are scared off by some contraption.

Legionnaires are gaurding the exit.

They travel south.



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