Reign of Tonir

Traveling Over The Mountians... or Under

Upon reaching the mountain pass over the mountains to Edenia, they traveled it. And ran into the Knights of Obscurity. Uncas and Cyrus recognized the ensignia on their tabards. That same tree wreathed in fog was on the tabards of the four knights they bested the day they met.

Knights barred their path, so they went to the path that went through the mountains.

It was dark, and when they were about a quarter of the way through, they saw a Legionairre. It was a drow taking notes on the blocked passage. The drow started asked where Balin got her slippers and Uncas got his sash. Then said she was going to have to confiscate it.

That’s when Cyrus and Uncas rushed the drow, downing the cleric before she could react properly. The group took some of the boulders from the cave-in to make it look as though she had been crushed by them.

They decided to try to go through one of the cave openings that had been created during the cave-in.

Found scrappings of different animals. Followed some ’til it lead to Cave Scorpions.

Turned around and realized they weren’t 100% sure which fork they had come from. In any case, they continued onwards, exploring and finding another cave scorpion nest.

With it being late and being weary from battling, they decided to rest in the cave.



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