Fighter 5

HP 60 (50 Fighter, +5 Con, +5 Favored Level)

AC 25 (+2 Dex, +11 Armor, +2 Shield), Touch 12, Flat-Footed 23

CMB: +10, CMD: 22, Initiative: +2, Speed: 25 ft

Melee Attacks
Krig +13 (1d10 +6 [20/x3])
Hoggorm +11 (1d6 +2 [20/x3])
Krig +11, Hoggorm +9

Ranged Attacks
Masterwork Crossbow +8 (1d8 [20/x2])

Strength +5 21 (16 +2 Race +1 Level +2 Enhancement)
Dexterity +2 15 (13 +2 Race)
Constitution +1 13 (13)
Intelligence +0 10 (10)
Wisdom +0 10 (12 -2 Race)
Charisma -2 7 (7)

Krig[Waraxe] (Damage: 1d10, Crit: 20/x3, Type: S, Masterwork)
Hoggorm[Razor Chain] (Damage: 1d4, Crit: 20/x2, Type: S, Masterwork)
Crossbow (Damage: 1d8, Crit: 20/x2, Type: P, Masterwork)

+2 Ravarr Clan Lord Plate (AC: 11, Dex: 2, Armor Check: -4, 50 lbs)
Ravarr Clan Champion Shield (AC: 2, Armor Check: -1, 15 lbs)

– Waraxe Prof.
– Waraxe Focus
– Two Weapon Fighting
– Quick Draw
– Power Attack
– Cleave
– Master Craftsman

– Bravery +1
– Armor Training 1
– Weapons Training 1 [Axes: +1 / +1]

– Excel. Drinker
– Killer

Fighter 1

Favored class: Hitpoint
Feats: Waraxe Proficiency, Two-Weapon Fighting, Waraxe Focus
Skill Modifiers: +2 Perception & Perform, -2 Sense Motive, Stealth, Survival, & Swim,
Skill Ranks: 1 Craft (Weapon), 1 Profession (Weaponsmith), 1 Perform (Harpsicord)

Fighter 2

Favored class: Hitpoint
Feat: Quick Draw
Skills: 1 Craft (Armor), 2 Perception

Fighter 3

Favored Class: Hitpoint
Feat: Power-Attack
Skills 1 Perception, 1 Intimidate, 1 Craft (Armor)

Fighter 4

Favored Class: Hitpoint
Ability point: Strength
At this point this is strength beyond normal human means. Unexplained at this time(I’ll get it to you later) a small glowing blue vain/lightning like tattoo shows faintly on cyrus’ shoulders running to his biceps. A power of slightly above human strength runs though his arms
Feat: Cleave
Having been focusing his new found strength into his blows, Cyrus’ swing became more powerful able to cut through one enemy and finish into a nearby foe. Based on cyrus’ fighting style of destroying and creating as much damage as possible using burst of aggressive power.
Skills: 1 Knowledge (Dungeon), 1 Intimidate, 1 Swim
Knowledge (Dungeon): his continuous work with metals helping him learn more about them. Also the last few events that took place helped him learn about hazards and footing in the underground
Intimidate: his gruff exterior, growth in strength and power, and ever blunt attitude contributing more to his intimidating presence
Swim: after nearly drowning in shit, Cyrus decided to practice swimming in his armor, still a pathetic sight.

Fighter 5

Weapons Training: Axes
Favored class: Hitpoint
Feats: Master Craftman
Skill: 3 Craft (Armor)


Physical Description

Age: 21
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 243lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

*Cyrus travels through the Tundarwood southward til he reaches the small town of Oparl

*Uncas works at the local Pub as a chef

Cyrus enjoys several pints of ale when he notices a group of four royal knights walk in the town pub. They push people aside and demand service. One spits on Uncas and calls him a redskin faggot. Uncas without saying a word, pour’s him a pint of ale; avoiding conflict.

One of the knights grabs a woman, referring to her as a whore. She scratches and screams as she is being dragged toward’s the stairs to the second floor which has several rooms for rent.

Cyrus seeing this gets up from his chair, where he’s been sitting quietly admiring the woman. Walking towards the knight as he’s dragging the woman by her hair; Cyrus grabs the knight by the throat and squeezes, allowing the woman freedom. He then picks him up by the throat and throws him to the ground. Seeing this the other knight’s join in to help their friend. Uncas realizing he can only do so much, watches; admiring Cyrus’ chivalry all the same. Cyrus can feel the men approaching through the floorboard’s. He makes certain the knight committing the offense is still on the ground, which he is; wriling in pain. Sensing that he’s started a losing battle, he searches for any item near by that may come to his aid. He find’s a small table, seating two who immediately get up and seek shelter. Lifting the table up, he throws it at two of the approaching knights; knocking them into a prone position. One of the now empty chairs is now at his disposle as well. He takes it and slams it into the last approaching knight’s head, chair and man crumbling to the ground together. At this point in time, The once down knight rises onto his feet and grabs Cyrus from behind, arm’s under his. He’s helpless. The other two knight’s approach and begin dealing an equal amount of damage, through punches and kicks. Cyrus, on the ground helpless begins to blackout. As three of the four knights are beating him, the fourth approaches the woman, crying in a corner. Grabbing her by the hair he begins to drag her back towards the second floor. Hearing the womans scream’s Uncas can no longer contain himself. He hops over the bar and put’s the knight down, for good this time. He then hurls himself
at the other three, who haven’t noticed what he’s done, while they are still kicking a downed Cyrus. Freeing Cyrus he manages to get to his feet, once again joins in the fight. Together the pair fight the remaining three knights, the once losing battle now becoming
a winning battle.

Once all of the knights have been taken care of they drag all four out of the pub and toss them into the street.

Rabnud, the bar’s manager approaches Uncas; telling him he had no right to do what he did, referring to the woman as a worthless street walker. Uncas, still filled with rage, unable to control it deliver’s a punch to Rabnud’s temple knocking him out.

Uncas has realised that perhaps its time to move on, and search for the much deserved vengeance. With his new partner he can tell he has much to learn, and perhaps Cyrus could teach him. They head off together, share stories and begin to realize they share a similar goal in life.

So the rough idea is he and one girl from his merc group have a thing but neither admit to caring too much about eachother.


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