Barbarian 5

HP 65 ~75
AC 19 ~17 (+3 Dex, +6 Armor , -2 Rage ), Touch 13 ~11 , Flat-Footed 16 ~14

CMB: +9 ~11, CMD: 22, Initiative: +3, Speed: 40 ft

Melee Attacks:
+1 Flanged Mace +10 ~12 (1d8 +5 ~7 [20/x3])
+1 Falcata +10 ~12 (1d6 +3 ~4 [19/x3])
Flanged Mace +8 ~10, Falcata +8 ~10

Ranged Attacks:
Ukitaken Knife, 30’ range, +9 (1d8 +4 ~6 [20/x3])
2 Ukitaken Knives +7

Strength +4 ~5 18 ~22 (16, +2 Race , +4 Rage )
Dexterity +3 16 (13, +2 Race, +1 Level)
Constitution +1 12 (10, +2 Enhancement)
Intelligence +2 14 (14)
Wisdom +0 10 (10)
Charisma -3 5 (7, -2 Race)

Barbarian 1

Favored Level: 1/3 Superstitious Rage
Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Power-Attack
Skills: 1 Acrobatics, 1 Climb, 1 Knowledge(Nature), 1 Knowledge(Local), 1 Perception, 1 Ride, 1 Survival

Barbarian 2

Uncanny Dodge
Rage Power: Superstitious Rage
Favored Level: 1/3 Superstitious Rage
Skills: 1 Acrobatics, 1 Climb, 1 Knowledge(Nature),1 Knowledge(Local), 1 Perception, 1 Sense Motive, 1 Swim

Uncas spends his free time exploring the area. Swimming in the nearby lake as well as climbing the highest buildings, rock formations. Searching for as much solitude as he can find, away from the people. While heading back to town he does talk to some of the folk’s, looking to see if he can lend a hand in any way.

Barbarian 3

Initiative/Surprise AC +1 (Superstitious Barbarian option)
Favored Level: 1/3 Superstitious Rage
Feat: Cleave
Skills: 1 Acrobatics, 1 Climb, 1 Intimidate, 1 Knowledge(Nature), 1 Perception, 2 Survival

Since traveling from New Millie Uncas has improved his skills in survival; living in the wood’s for week’s at a time. During the time in the caves he has also learned to be more perceptive, traveling through pure darkness using nothing but sound to direct him. As the group of adventurers scaled the mountain’s, Uncas found himself ahead multiple times climbing on top of rock formations scouting ahead.

Barbarian 4

Ability Point: Dexterity
Rage Power: Renewed Vigor
Favored Level: 1/3 Superstitious Rage
Skills: 1 Acrobatics, 1 Knowledge(Nature), 1 Knowledge(Local), 1 Perception, 2 Sense Motive, 1 Survival



Father – Magua (Whereabouts Unknown)
Mother – Talisa (Deceased)
Brother – Chingachook (Whereabouts Unknown)
Brother – Kuruk ( Whereabouts Unknown)
Sister – Takchawee (Deceased)

Uncas’ Personality:

Quiet Demeanor
Hatred of mistreatment towards women
Determined for vengeance
Won’t be controlled
Only works with those who share similar goals
Suspicious of most
Prefers solitude
Enjoys the simple things
No interest in love

…At the age of 15 Uncas witnessed the decimation of his village. Mother and sister raped and murdered by unknown men. Both brother’s and father taken away, as were most of the villagers. He was there when his mother and sister lay helpless; he tried to help, though his attempt failed. He managed to cut one of the men down, before being slashed across the chest and stabbed by the others. Left for dead, the men quickly moved out, burning the village along the way. They took only prisoner’s, nothing else. You would not know of the tribe’s existence except for the ash and bodies left scattered throughout. Uncas was found crawling toward’s a stream several days after the destruction, by traveling merchants. They took him in and made sure his wound’s healed. Once capable they put him to work for the family. Hunting for food, or doing whatever they needed doing around the farm. At the age of 20 he set off in search for revenge. He was given 500gp and a flanged mace for his journey. He promised he’d be back once his personal mission had been completed. He soon found a job at a local pub in the town of Oparl.

Cyrus enjoys several pints of ale when he notices a group of four royal knights walk in the town pub. They push people aside and demand service. One spits on Uncas and calls him a redskin faggot. Uncas without saying a word, pour’s him a pint of ale; avoiding conflict.

One of the knights grabs a woman, referring to her as a whore. She scratches and screams as she is being dragged toward’s the stairs to the second floor which has several rooms for rent.

Cyrus seeing this gets up from his chair, where he’s been sitting quietly admiring the woman. Walking towards the knight as he’s dragging the woman by her hair; Cyrus grabs the knight by the throat and squeezes, allowing the woman freedom. He then picks him up by the throat and throws him to the ground. Seeing this the other knight’s join in to help their friend. Uncas realizing he can only do so much, watches; admiring Cyrus’ chivalry all the same. Cyrus can feel the men approaching through the floorboard’s. He makes certain the knight committing the offense is still on the ground, which he is; wriling in pain. Sensing that he’s started a losing battle, he searches for any item near by that may come to his aid. He find’s a small table, seating two who immediately get up and seek shelter. Lifting the table up, he throws it at two of the approaching knights; knocking them into a prone position. One of the now empty chairs is now at his disposle as well. He takes it and slams it into the last approaching knight’s head, chair and man crumbling to the ground together. At this point in time, The once down knight rises onto his feet and grabs Cyrus from behind, arm’s under his. He’s helpless. The other two knight’s approach and begin dealing an equal amount of damage, through punches and kicks. Cyrus, on the ground helpless begins to blackout. As three of the four knights are beating him, the fourth approaches the woman, crying in a corner. Grabbing her by the hair he begins to drag her back towards the second floor. Hearing the womans scream’s Uncas can no longer contain himself. He hops over the bar and put’s the knight down, for good this time. He then hurls himself
at the other three, who haven’t noticed what he’s done, while they are still kicking a downed Cyrus. Freeing Cyrus he manages to get to his feet, once again joins in the fight. Together the pair fight the remaining three knights, the once losing battle now becoming
a winning battle.

Once all of the knights have been taken care of they drag all four out of the pub and toss them into the street.

Rabnud, the bar’s manager approaches Uncas; telling him he had no right to do what he did, referring to the woman as a worthless street walker. Uncas, still filled with rage, unable to control it deliver’s a punch to Rabnud’s temple knocking him out.

Uncas has realised that perhaps its time to move on, and search for the much deserved vengeance. With his new partner he can tell he has much to learn, and perhaps Cyrus could teach him. They head off together, share stories and begin to realize they share a similar goal in life.

Uncas isn’t interested in long term relationships. He doesn’t want to lose another woman that becomes close to him, like his mother and sister. As time goes on he may have a change of heart.

Attracted to:
Women who can hold their own, intelligence, strong willed, sense of humor, quiet demeanor

Needy women, “attention whores :D ,” bratty women, whores/prostitutes, gossips, rudeness

Anyways, Uncas pretty much does what he has to in order to survive. So he isn’t exactly picky with what food’s he has to eat. He’s a hunter so he’s used to deer, wolf, whatever he can get. Also makes jerky when he get’s the chance, last’s a long time ‘ey. :D Enjoy’s soup’s, potatoes, bread and meat on a good night.

For entertainment Uncas enjoy’s reading; he prefer’s the quiet. And unbeknown-st to some, gambling. Card’s or dice; doesnt matter. Enjoy’s taking risks.

The Beothuk are a fierce people, alway’s looking to expand their power and reach. They’ve been known to have destroyed many tribes in the past, selling the one’s not killed as slaves. The entire population of the tribe has been trained in some sort of combat. The Ukitaken and Beothuk have been at war for some time. The Ukitaken have almost always prevailed, suffering very few losses. When the legion confronted the Beothuk people, they formed a truce. Teaching the tribe’s shaman’s the way’s of Tonir. Once this was done, the Beothuk told the legion of the Ukitaken people and were lead to their village(s). Pillaging all in their way, they took the wounded and weak as slaves. Including Uncas’ two brother’s and father. The Beothuk people don’t wear the legions armor, but they do wear their symbol


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