(Cyrus) Ravarr Clan Lord Plate

Cyrus' Armor


+2 Ravarr Clan Lord Plate

AC: 11 (9 +2 Enhancement)
Dexterity Max: 2 (1 +1 Armor Training)
Armor Check Penalty: -4 (-6 +1 Masterwork +1 Armor Training)
Weight: 50lbs


After rolling in the magic pond, the armor burned Cyrus and shrunk until it was form fitting. Then, as if releasing a held breath, it suddenly cooled and relaxed a little.

After being pierced by a Rhino at the Golden Igloo, the armor grew warm again, but this time started flowing within it self, like water running between two panes of glass. It repaired the hole and seemed sturdier, somehow.

(Cyrus) Ravarr Clan Lord Plate

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