Reign of Tonir

Haunted Castle

After a three day journey, they were close. They approached the castle, and an apparition appeared, apparently warning them. They continued onwards.
As predicted, it started to sprinkle.

They approached. Door knocker of a gargoyle mouth.

When attempted to knock, knocker bit.

After entering, it was dark, and upon entering, there was a palpable, ominous presence.

Large pit was detected 60’ from the entrance.

Rumors of Treasure

Uncas hears of a haunted castle with treasure.

So they travel north along the main path for two days, then cut through the forest northwest until they reach the castle. It had started to drizzle on the third day.


The group poisons and then battles the two ogres guarding the bridge.

Celebrate Belair’s Scrootmuth


Cyrus awoke, lying the darkness, being dripped on. There was a strange apparatus holding a hanging bag of liquid over his head, with the contents dripping slowly onto his face. He rolled off the bed, and realized he was in one of the castle bedrooms off one of the side halls. He wandered out into the hall and checked the next room. Empty. So he checked the last in that hall, and made out Uncas, lying under a contraption just like the one that was hanging over Cyrus.

Cyrus woke Uncas up and they ventured into the main hall, which was empty, even of the bodies of kobolds that had died there earlier. It was then that they realized that they had no idea how long they’d fallen unconscious. With a greater sense of urgency, they ventured into the west hall, and to their relief, Davaik was in the first room they checked, under the now familiar dripping device. After they awoke him, they checked the other rooms, with the last being brightly lit.

Their eyes slowly got accustomed to the brightness and they saw Balin. Also being dripped on. But under the source of the light was a gnome, who started poking each of them as if he didn’t believe they actually existed.

“It’s about time you woke up. Those potions I had were the strongest I make, and I was applying them transdermally, which, while slower than ingesting, is far more effective in the long run.”

The group looked at each other and then asked the gnome who he was.

“Pfft. You want to meet me now. Had days to meet me, but now that I heal you, now you want to know who I am.
I’m Shelly, the owner of the potion shop on the square. The one with a pot over it. You should already know that, but I guess you guys don’t need potions. You can fight all day without healing.”

Davaik apologized and the gnome’s mood immediately lightened and he started speaking rapidly:

“Oh, it’s ok! It’s a good thing Ssearth sent me after you guys. He seemed to think you guys were in trouble and could use some of my exquisite potions. Good guy, that Ssearth. Always looking out for everyone. Well, I closed shop early and brought along some potions and some of my knockout vapor. I’m not much when it comes to fighting, but if those kobolds got a whiff of that vapor, well, they’d be sleeping too hard to do much fighting. But it turns out that the only ones it knocked out was those two big fellows.” He gestured to Uncas and Cyrus.

Castle Urthadar, Round 2

After eating breakfast the following morning, they decide to go look for Ssearth. But they are met with an angry Lady Surana, who says that her castle has become re-infested with kobolds.

Cussing Nah under their breath, they re-storm the castle, getting burned by hot tar again, and clearing out the hall. This time, when they entered the throne-room, they were met by not one, but two Gronkels. Which proved to be nearly fatal to their party, with Davaik and Balin hanging on to life by a thread and Cyrus and Uncas were barely conscious themselves, but they persevered and were victorious. And then passed out.

Marv's Mystery

Having dealt with the kobold situation, the group decides to investigate the disappearance of Marv, a local merchant who had gone missing. They left the town and begun the half-day trip over to Bushmeadows, a small mining village through a mountain pass to the south of New Millie.

A short ways through the pass they notice a small goat trail that looked like it had been used recently. Taking a detour, they climbed the steep path until it opened up to a ledge, with a large nest with eggs the size of dogs in it. And that was when the mother returned.

A large, bronze colored eagle, that looked like some sort of off-breed of a Roc landed between the party and the nest. That was when they decided to retreat back down the path. And they ran into Jack, who calmed down the large bird and explained to them that Rose, as he affectionately called the animal, was his and the source of his signature giant omelets he served in his restaurant in New Millie. He too was worried about Marv, but told them he had never seen the merchant use this path, which, as far as he knew, was the only way to get to and from Bushmeadows.

The group continued on towards Bushmeadows, and when they got there, they saw a small village in a bowl of the mountains, with the walls of the bowl dotted with caves which had dwarves going in and out with various mining tools. In the center of the town was a bulletin board with different postings, mostly job availabilities to those comfortable being underground for long periods of time. But the most prominent one was a depiction of a mid-aged human with “Marv – Missing – Contact Sarah with any information you may have.” underneath.

After asking a passing dwarf who and where Sarah was, they knocked on the door of Marv’s house, where the dwarf said Sarah, Marv’s wife, would be. A small girl answered the door first, with her mother following shortly after. Once Sarah heard they were investigating Marv’s disappearance, Sarah invited the group in and sent her daughter off to play.

She told them of how Marv’s business, Marv’s Messaging Service, was run solely by Marv, who bought gems and other resources from the mining companies and shipped them over the narrow pass to New Millie, where outside merchants and the people of New Millie would purchase them, and he would stock up on food that New Millie grew and outside goods from the other merchants and sell them back in Bushmeadows.

She started breaking down while explaining how she and Marv always argued how his business was that of a merchant, not a messenger. The group assured her that they would get to the bottom of her husband’s disappearance.

They split up, with Uncas and Cyrus going to the mines to see if the miners knew anything, and Balin and Davaik went to see if they could follow the three-day old trail and find Marv. The dwarves in the mines knew nothing, but following his trail revealed that he left the main pass and went into an old mine.

They gathered up Uncas and Cyrus and explored the cave, following the tracks that Marv had made with his horse and cart over hundreds of trips. They came to a section where the cave started branching off but they just followed Marv’s trail.

And ran into kobolds. After dispatching of them, they continued on, and found Marv, with his wagon and horse. Killed, and the wagon was looted bare.

They retrieved the body and continued on through to where the cave let out: a field only a few miles away from New Millie. They continued onwards and as they passed farms and houses and shops on their way to Ssearth, they gathered a growing crowd. When they reached the center, Searth was already there, waiting. He directed the party to leave the body, and that the villagers would make sure it got to Sarah.

Castle Urthadar

After hearing of Surana’s plight, and with Ssearth’s firm encouragement, the party decided to set off in the morning, south. Ssearth offered to trade chores for rooms for the night.

The inn wasn’t too particularly interesting, it was what was in the inn that surprised any visitors. Upon entering, any furnishings or decorations were well-crafted and pleasing to the eye. From beautiful paintings on the walls, detailed metal statues along the fireplace to the stone tables and chairs sprinkled throughout the room which invoked a stability that transcended their structural integrity to the grand harpsichord on a dais in the far corner that looked so dainty that it appeared to be floating more than supporting itself.

Uncas went to the kitchen to cook, since he had some experience in the area, while Cyrus had the unexpected skill of playing the harpsichord. He used the monk to help him transcribe some ledgers and had Balin do some cleaning around the inn.

After waking, they went downstairs to see four prepared packs and a note wishing them luck from Ssearth. So they headed south and when they reached the branch in the road, they took it, up into a path that cuts through the mountains.

They spotted the gates of the castle after a quarter-day’s journey. As they approach they are assaulted from the gates via slings that the kobolds were wielding. In order to stop the bombardment, the party rushed the gates and Uncas and Cyrus, the stronger of the four, lifted to open it for the more agile Davaik to dive under while Balin returned cover fire. They weren’t expecting the hot tar the kobolds had prepared for them. The burns only fueled the party’s fire, though, and they went through with their plan.

Davaik rushed into one of the gate towers and the others entered the courtyard, splitting up to take both gate towers before the kobolds could raise an alarm. After scrambling up the spiraling stair of the tower, they found themselves fighting the small, red-scaled humanoids on a precarious ledge of the cliffs that line the path to the gates. After dispatching of the reptilian people, Uncas went to pull out one of his prized Ukataken Knives, which had lodged into the cliff face. After pulling vigoriously, the knife popped out and Uncas lost his balance, and would’ve fallen the twenty feet to the rocky path below if Cyrus hadn’t reached out to catch him.

With the sentries disposed, the group of would-be heroes warily approached the modest castle nestled in the mountains. Pushing it open, they surprised two kobolds who were sitting on opposite benches in the entry-room. They took up their spears and retreated into the next room, which was like-wise occupied by two kobolds. The first kobold from the entry-room turned to fight, now that the odds were more even, but the second continued on deeper into the castle, screeching “Nah!” as it went.

The party settled in to fight, still bleeding and burned from their previous encounter. They won, but now they were severely injured. Rummaging through their packs revealed potions that Ssearth had packed for them in the night. After they imbibing the potions and their wounds lessened, they continued into the main hall of the castle, a 20-foot wide stone path ending in a large doorway 60 feet down, with two smaller doors tucked into the side of the hall at the far corners.

Upon cautious exploration, they dispatched the occupants of the rooms off of the halls on the side doors, and approached the throne-room. Opening the door they are met with a wall of flame. With their previous burns bubbling anew and with some company, the party sees two kobolds in the room. One, off to the right of the throne dais, is obviously the kobold from earlier, confirmed by the “nah” it whimpered as they entered the room. The second, though, was clearly the source of flame that had greeted them upon entering the room, with smoke tendrals still rising from it’s mouth and nostrils. While still no-where near even dwarf height, this kobold was taller and much more stout than the others that the party had encountered.

The party wasted no time and rushed the two, Uncas, being faster than the others, reached the larger one and proceeded to introduce it to his flanged mace and falcata, with the heavily armored Cyrus following closely. Balin stayed in the doorway tried shooting, but hit friend more frequently than foe. Davaik noticed Nah, as the party had been referring to the skittish kobold, starting to head for a door that was off in a corner of the throne room. In an attempt to attack the kobold aerially, Davaik slipped and knocked himself unconscious on the hard, metal throne.

Nah scrambled through the door, and shut it behind him. After Uncas made short work of the fire-breathing kobold, they revived Davaik with the remaining potion, and followed after Nah. They walked into the small kitchen and the kobold had appeared to disappear. But Balin noticed some scratches that ended abruptly at one of the joinings of the cobblestone floor.

They managed to lift the trapdoor to reveal a hidden staircase, which spiraled down into darkness. Taking a couple of torches from their pack, they follow the staircase down until the reach the bottom, which opened up into a large, natural underground cavern. Upon exploration they find an underground lake and Uncas and Balin, the more nature-inclined, notice tracks leading off to the left. Where they then hear a pitiful “nah.” They approach and find Nah with one leg horribly mangled in a bear trap, that they assumed was one of the trap-happy kobolds’.

Upon discussion, with Cyrus voting to be rid of the pest, and Nah’s begging for mercy punctuated by his signature “nah”, the group decided to have Nah deliver a message to the tribe he’d mentioned in their interrogation. He was to tell the others that the castle was off-limits, and if there were any more problems, the group was coming for Nah, to finish him off.

Both frightened out of his wits and relieved to the core, the kobold agreed and limped off further into the underground darkness. Deciding that they’d completed their objective, and that they weren’t up for any more altercations, the group headed back to the castle to search for any treasure, which Surana said they could take as payment for the ridding her of the kobolds. But the kobolds had already removed anything of value.

A disgruntled and injured party returned to New Millie to deliver the news. Surana was excited and started preparing to set off in the morning with her entourage to reclaim the castle. After completing their agreed upon tasks, the weary group retired to their rooms to rest.


Introducing: Cyrus, a former caption in an army to the north; Davaik, a blind monk from the central kingdom of Edenia; Uncas, a native of the mid-northern plains; and Balin, a guide in the south-eastern forests.

So far, our band of misfits met at a crossroads next to a mountain path. Seeing signs of a large army approaching, they ducked into the mountain path to avoid confrontation. Continuing along it, they crossed a bridge, with a gate on the far side. As they passed through the gate, ogres appeared out of the gatehouses, preventing them from returning from where they came.

Davaik, the blind monk, said he had a contact in New Millie, the town that was further down the path. They followed the path east and then curving southernly and turning into a cobblestone path until they got to a small village with a plaza of cobblestones in the center. In the center of the plaza was a fountain with a large, winged reptile perched on the east side of the fountain shooting water at an armored knight in the center of the fountain, who had a shield raised to deflect the attack.

Around the square are several shops, with chiseled images above the doors, but no visible names. Along the east side, from north to south, there’s four shops with their signs being a wing, an eye, a scale, and a fang. On the north side the shop has a horseshoe and the south has a pot. On the west, from north to south, is an amulet, a tower shield, and a coat of arms flag. All shops are one story buildings, with the exception of the one with the shield sign, which is considerably larger and two stories.

Shortly after entering the square, the party ran into the dwarf Grofel, a local armor-smith who worked in the building with a scale chiseled above the door on the east side; and Barney, of Barney’s Baubles, the local jewelry store on the west side depicted by the amulet. They learned of Marv, the local merchant who carted goods back-and-forth between New Millie and Bushmeadows, an even smaller town further south in the mountains. But Marv hadn’t been back to deliver the gems from Bushmeadows, which is a mining town, to Barney. Barney was going to shape the gems for Grofel, who was making a ceremonial breastplate for Belair, his child who was having their first Scrootmuth (a dwarven coming-of-age tradition based on when the dwarf grows their first facial hair).

Ssearth, a local innkeeper (the inn being the larger building with a shield over the door), walked out of his inn just as Barney was complaining about outsiders causing more problems. Ssearth walked up to the small gathering and introduced himself, in his slow, methodical voice which has a tendency to draw out his S’s. He appeared about 30, and looked human, with the exception of his silvery hair.

Davaik, recognizing the name, asked to speak with Ssearth. And then a beautiful, raven-haired woman walked up, wearing clothing more suited for a banquet hall than a small, remote village. Sizing up the party of strangers, she introduced herself as the Lady Surana Urthadar, and inquired whether or not the party would be willing to help her with a problem.

The party agreed to hear what her problem was, and Lady Surana, as she asked them to address her, told them of her father’s recent death, and how she inherited the castle he had built in the remote mountains. She told them of how, by time she arrived to the castle, it was overrun by small, reptilian humanoids. Kobolds.


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