Cluain Taobh

Balin was born in Cluain Taobh and spent his early youth here before a fever struck the village when he was about six years old.

LN Hamlet

Corruption + 0; Crime –4; Economy –1; Law + 3; Lore + 1; Society + 0

Qualities Insular

Danger -5; Disadvantages None


Government Overlord (The cennfine in Deargtúr)

Population 70 (63 humans, 6 halflings, 1 half-elf)

Notable NPCs

Seamus Mac Árdghail (Balin’s Father) DECEASED
Morgana Mac Árdghail (Balin’s Mother) DECEASED
Fionn Ó Tuathail (Balin’s Step-Brother) DECEASED
Sé Mac Árdghail (Balin’s Twin Brother) UNKNOWN


Base Value 50 gp; Purchase Limit 250 gp; Spellcasting None


Cluain Taobh is a small farming community in the highland hills. The village is isolated near the border, but is within a few days’ ride of Deargtúr. Beef, truffles, and apples (mostly in the form of hard cider) are the main export. The villagers also raise goats, pigs, and chickens and maintain a community garden to feed themselves. All grain, sugar, and salt must be imported in from Deargtúr and are therefore not common. Day-to-day law is handled by a council of the land/cattle owners, but the town is under Deargtúr’s jurisdiction and all major disputes are brought to the cennfine there.

Cluain Taobh

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