LG Small Town

Corruption + 1; Crime + 0; Economy + 2; Law + 3; Lore + 0 ; Society + 1

Qualities Prosperous, Strategic Location

Danger + 1 Disadvantages None


Government Overlord (The cennfine)

Population 1,300 (1,100 humans; 100 half-elves; 50 halflings; 50 dwarves)

Notable NPCs

Cennfine (LG Male Human Aristocrat 2/ Fighter 3)


Base Value 1,400 gp; Purchase Limit 6,500 gp; Spellcasting 1st

Minor Items 1d4; Medium Items —; Major Items


Deargtúr is the local seat of power over Cluain Taobh and many other small farming villages. Situated atop a tall tombolo, the town is protected from raiders and neighboring clans wishing to expand their territory. Deargtúr has no exports of it’s own but instead serves as the hub of trade between it’s jurisdiction and neighboring clans. Due to the frequency of raids and border disputes between the clans, Deargtúr has a high population of fighters, and most boys in the jurisdiction entering manhood are sent to Deargtúr to train in battle for several years before returning home to their farms.


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