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If Precise Shot reduces/eliminates the penalty for firing into melee combat, would it also reduce/eliminate the penalty for “called shots” per the new combat rule? -Lyd

The penalty stacks. So, under normal conditions, a called shot into melee would take a -4 penalty for shooting into melee as well as -5 for the called shot, for a total of a -9 penalty. So the Precise Shot feat would merely reduce the penalty to -5, the regular for a called shot.

I found a feat on the D20 called Religious Pilgrim that adds a bonus to Will, Diplomacy, and Survival for Knowledge (geography) 1 rank, Knowledge (religion) 1 rank as pre-reqs. I was wondering if we could alter to make it history and religion and change survival to an INT based skill? I’m trying to make my diplomacy fit for an Emperor but I don’t feel diplomacy is worth anything on its own. Also, the site doesn’t say what the bonus is. -David

The bonus is +1 to Will, Diplomacy, and Survival. You can change the geography to history, and remove the Survival and just get +1 to Will and +2 to Diplomacy.


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