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Gold and Equipment

There won’t be any purchasing of goods by the characters. If there is a specific item or equipment you would like, send me an e-mail and I’ll probably work it in :D.


If a prerequisite requires “Fighter Level x”, that can be met by “Character Level x+1” andBAB +x” instead. For example, a feat which requires “Fighter Level 4” can be taken by any character of level 5 or higher with a BAB of +4 or higher. All other prerequisites apply.

After much training, you can use both hands equally effectively.
Prerequisites: Str 15, Dex 15, Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack
Add your Strength bonus to damage rolls made with your off-hand weapon. (Instead of only half.) Also, if you’re using 2 one-handed weapons, you can reduce the penalty by 1 (so, -3/-3 instead of -4/-4).

Combat Expertise
The penalty to attack and the bonus to AC is 1/2 character level (rounded up). This feat can be used with ranged weapons as well.

Deadly Aim/Power Attack
The penalty to attack is 1/2 character level (rounded up). The bonus to damage is double that value. (Damage penalty is still multiplied by 1.5 for two-handed weapons and by .5 for off-hand weapons.)

Master Craftsman
Prerequisites: 5 ranks in any craft skill
For any Craft skill for which you have 5 or more ranks, you gain a +2 bonus. Ranks in those skills count as your caster level for the purposes of qualifying for the Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item feats. You can create magic items using these feats, substituting your ranks for your total caster level. You must use the craft for the check to create the item. You cannot use this feat to create any spell-trigger or spell-activation item. DC is 5 + caster level + 5 * # of missed prerequisites)

Rapid Shot
Rapid Shot is going to work similarly to Two-Weapon Fighting. You can shoot twice as a standard action, or, if making a full-round attack, you can shoot twice for each attack. All with a -2 penalty to attack.

Shot of Oppurtunity
Prerequisites: BAB +6, Dex 15, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
With a ranged weapon, you threaten any square within 30ft. that doesn’t have partial or full cover. The attack takes the -2 penalty if you used Rapid Shot on your last turn.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Fighting allows you to make an attack with each hand (at a -2 or -4 penalty) as a standard action. Or, as a full-round action, each of your attacks can be replaced with an attack with each hand (normal penalties apply).
This basically makes the Improved/Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Feats redundant.


Instead of the usual +2 to one ability, Humans can add +2 to two different abilities and take -2 to another.

Crafting/Profession Rules

Instead of having the crafting characters buy raw materials and spend weeks crafting (rolling), I’m treating it as them “taking 10” and reducing the cost of the base weapon/armor to 1/3. For example, Cyrus’ Armorsmithing is a +6, which, if he takes 10, gives him a 16. This is enough to make a Heavy Shield in one week. So Cyrus’ Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, which is normally 170GP (150 masterwork, 20 shield), will only “cost” him 157 GP (150 masterwork, 7 shield). This seems nominal, but if he gets his Armorsmithing to +9, that’ll save him 1000GP from his Full-plate, and at +10 will save him another 300GP for the Masterwork component on both the armor and shield. (Yer saved over 13,000GP at level 4 on his Adamantine Armor and Shield)

Profession checks will also be done by “Taking 10.” You are “gain” GP equal to 25*check. For Cyrus, this means he’ll have an extra 350GP worth of equipment.

And if you have Master Craftsman, the cost of magical components is halved if you meet the DC.

Rule Mod Page

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