Reign of Tonir

Through the Gate + Heroes' Weapons

The group fought a shield archon to enter the gate. Once there, the group made multiple attempts to enter through a second gate until, finally, they all succeeded at their tasks and could enter.

Inside the second gate was a series of interconnected hallways and rooms. In each room, there was one weapon: a silver bow/arrows with woodland motif carvings, a black and white sword, an over-sized spear, a silver chakram with gold triangles, a wood axe, and spiked war hammer.

In the center room, the group fought a monk.

Lastly, the group entered a room with two cubes, one inside the other. The cubes are wrapped in a series of chains. One of the chains is interlinked white and black. Another is petrified wood. The one on the floor is the only one that looks like a normal chain. One of the higher ones has woodland motifs on it. Another is made of gold with black triangles. The last chain has human hands grasping each other for links.



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